Not sure who to trust with parenting advice?

I’m like you – a mom who just wants to know she’s doing the right thing for her baby.  And with so much contradictory advice online, I know how easy it is to feel lost.

Luckily for me, my mom Dr Solomon is a clinical and developmental psychologist who has devoted her life to understanding how babies grow into the kid of adults they do.  She has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Philosophy in Psychology, a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate in Psychology, and has undertaken decades of research. So you can imagine the relief I felt being able to turn to her when my own research had got me nowhere.

Although I always knew what my mom did, I had always just seen her as ‘mom’ and never thought of turning to her as a resource.  But like most moms, I quickly discovered that motherhood was a lot different to how I imagined it to be. So I looked to her for reassurance that I was making the right choices and that my baby’s behaviour was normal.

We know that, as a parent, you want to learn:

  • Why your baby or child is behaving a certain way, and;
  • What you can do to help your baby or child develop to their full potential.

You also want to know that the advice you’re given is true, consistent and backed by scientific research. And that’s why we created Dr. Solomon’s Wisdom for you.

By looking to others for advice, you’re already doing the right thing by learning.

Now I want you to have what I have; my mom’s clear and simple explanations, and the greater confidence in your parenting skills that comes with it.

Here’s to learning and parenting more wisely,