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Do you have questions about Sleep Training?

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Do you want to raise your child to be his or her best self……but are frustrated and overwhelmed by all the contradictory parenting advice?

Do you want to let go of the fear that you’re doing a bad job?

As a Mom of a toddler, I understand how overwhelming and confusing finding good parenting information can be … I’ve lived it and hear it from friends all the time

That’s why I’ve teamed up with my Mom, Dr. Solomon, who is a clinical and developmental psychologist.  She has spent her working life dedicated to helping families parent successfully and live in harmony.  And, she has devoted her life to understanding how babies grow into the kind of adults they do.  

Dr Solomon’s Wisdom is where you’ll find clear and scientifically-based answers to real-life parenting concerns and questions … and … in case you’re wondering, Dr Solomon has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Philosophy in Psychology, a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate in Psychology, and has undertaken decades of research.

No more second guessing your parenting practices

No more keeping yourself up at night while you google your questions

You can feel more at ease and confident about your parenting choices and experience a more peaceful home life

We will help you learn how to build the best long term outcomes for your child by explaining the best scientifically-based parenting practices and how to implement them

We want you to stop feeling exhausted and disappointed by your parenting and start feeling  clearer, more confident and more at ease about your parenting decisions. 

Life will just be easier and more enjoyable

Here’s to learning and parenting more wisely,